Sunday, August 4, 2019

Grand Teton - The Mormon Row

We've just finished cleaning up and putting away the camping gear from our trip to Grand Teton National Park. And I can tell you that the weather and the mountains were 'Grand'!

We went to many of the iconic photo locations and found a few more on our own. Here are photos of the Moulton Barns and the Teton Range from Mormon Row

The Thomas Moulton Barn

The John Moulton Barn

The name Mormon Row comes from the members of the Mormon, or Latter-Day Saints, faith that came into Jackson Hole in the 1890's from Idaho to claim land under the Homestead Act. The life was hard, but the settlers persevered. Their success is seen in the barns built by the Moulton brothers and the Chambers Homestead.

History of settlement in Grand Teton National Park

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