Monday, March 14, 2011

The Old Man of the River

Yes, this is Sedona. And no it isn't a red rock at sunset. However, it was a striking image when I saw it through the viewfinder:

The Old Man of the River

I love sycamore trees. Their light colored bark often provides a highlight to an image. Here in Arizona the local variety is very attractive.

This morning we drove up Oak Creek Canyon above the red rock country. Sedona sets at the base of a plateau that separates northern and southern Arizona. Oak Creek has cut a deep canyon, and we went looking for images of moving water.

We found the moving water in abundance (hint, more to come) but while scrambling around the boulders in search of an angle I saw this tree. The tenacity shown by the tree's exposed roots for the claim to it's space on the bank was inspiring.

For you LOTR fans: Tom Bombadil Lives !!

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