Monday, March 14, 2011

Cathedral Rock - Sedona

We are spring breaking in Arizona this week. We are starting off with several days in Sedona. Of course, that means sunsets and red rocks! But there is much more than that. Stay tuned

One of the iconic images from Sedona is Cathedral Rocks from the edge of Oak Creek. Here is my image:

I'm pleased with the way the image came out. I would call this the 75-cent version. The $1 version is the famous image with the pinnacles reflected in Oak Creek. However, this time of year the spring runoff is still in progress so the river is rough and muddy (no reflections, boo...) I guess that is a reason to return in the fall when the creek is low :-))

The light was great, but you could ask for a little more cloud action behind the peak, but the rich blue sky is a plus.

Photo geek info: Nikon D7000, 35-70mm, f/8 @ 1/750s. Conversion in ACR

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