Sunday, July 29, 2012

Street Music

I am often fascinated by the work of photographers who specialize in street photography, especially the 'environmental portrait'. I am still struggling with a personal hesitancy about 'intruding' on persons on the street for that kind of photography.

That's why I go looking for situations where the vibe on the street is 'look at me!'. Here in KC those people are commonly street musicians.

The City Market is an entertaining and personally exciting place for me. On summer Saturday mornings there are the farmers with their fresh vegetables, organic meats, etc. There is the spice merchant, the commercial fruit & veggie vendors and the Mediterranean grocer (fresh pita bread !). You can have a freshly grilled Italian sausage or a marvelous walnut danish (yay Bloom Bakery !!). It is a festival environment.

This year the Market has attracted a great number of musicians. There were at least six different groups of performers there on Saturday. And it was an eclectic group.

Here are some images of various aspects of the performance. Enjoy !


Magic Fingers

Up Close

Nikon D7000, Nikkor 55-105mm, post with ACR/CS6

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