Sunday, May 15, 2011

High Plains Skies

The High Plains are the region of my birth, and where I spent my childhood. The broad expanse of sky is one of the trademarks of the region.

I've just finished up a week visiting family. The weather was not very cooperative for photos in general, and particularly of the skies. Several rainy days, preceded by dust and haze limited the opportunities. On my day of departure the skies had been washed clean by the precipitation and polished by winds that were blowing out of the northwest.

These views of the clouds appeared as I was driving in Kansas. The clouds began filling what had earlier been clear skies.

Country Hiway

High Plains

These photos were taken with my D7000 and 35-70mm. The conversion to Black & White was done in ACR 6 and final prep was in CS5.

Finding ways to portray these skies and the level horizons has been one of my photographic challenges. Using B&W and the ability to use the tools of the digital darkroom give me some pleasure with the outcome of this attempt.

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