Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rebound !

Welcome McPherson Bulldog Fans! Click on this link to see more images from 2010 - 2011 Bulldog Sports!

We had our first chance to photograph the McPherson College Women's basketball team this weekend. The game was a close fight, but the Lady Bulldogs came out on the short end of the score 44 - 49.

The Sport Center gym is a typical small sports venue: Dark !

I am working with my new Nikon D7000 to see how much improvement there is with the ISO noise processing. I can see a definite difference. But at 3200 ISO there is still noise. These images have been converted from NEF to JPEG, WB adjusted and noise reduction applied in Camera Raw. Additional sharpening and resizing performed in Photoshop.

Despite the noise, the sharpness that the camera can provide can be incredible. But the camera can also point out all your little errors like hand shake. It will be fun, and a challenge, to master this camera!

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