Friday, July 16, 2010

Prickly Poppy

We've been busy with harvest chores and wedding preparations. This has kept us busy and we haven't been able to shoot and post as much as we would like.

This morning dawned with a heavy fog. We had already planned a trip to one of the upland pastures to shoot. When we arrived the view of the rising sun across the valley was no where to be found. But summer blooms and jewels from the fog were in abundance.

This bloom is called a Prickly Poppy. The blooms only last a day or two in the heat of summer. Prickly is an understated description for this plant. You can see the spines on the buds and edges of the leaves. It is so spiny that the cattle won't eat it.

Image taken with Nikon D90 / 35-70mm. PP with ACR & CS5

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