Sunday, November 1, 2009

Photo of the Week - A Chase County Barn

We often travel through a section of the Flint Hills west of Emporia, KS. Coming home from the Mac Bulldogs football game (see Sports Shooting this week) it was approaching sundown. It was a vivid light day. Clear and bright, the "golden hour" approaching sundown was just beginning as we pulled off the road.

This barn has obviously had many years of use. The foundation is build of dry-stacked hand-hewn local limestone. There are portions of the barn of various ages as reflected by the tin roofing over the wooden shingles. I didn't explore the inside beyond what I could see from the outside, but I thought I saw some square nails in the central structure.

I hope you enjoy these images.

1 comment:

  1. I really enjoy the photos of the barn. The way you have caputred the age, condition, and overall structure of the barn is very good. The use of shadows and hightlights is great. I especially like the photo "open air". Great work!