Saturday, August 22, 2009

Photo of the Week - 'Tonka Football Jamboree

The fall sports seasons are here. In Missouri they hold Football Jamborees the Friday night one week before the season starts. A jamboree is held with four teams. Each team plays a set number of plays on offense and on defense with each of the other three teams. It is a nice way to get scrimmage time with someone other than your teammates.

Winnetonka H.S. is one of the four North Kansas City, Missouri district high schools. All three of our children are graduates of 'Tonka.

The jamboree was held at the new District Athletic Complex. A very nice venue for all the high school sports. The Winnetonka Griffins (Maroon and Gold) were the hosts. The other teams were the Liberty Bluejays (White and Blue), the Platte County Pirates (Black and Orange) and the St. Pius X Warriors (Blue and Yellow).

I will be doing a lot of sports shooting this fall. I am shooting photos of small college football several weekends in September and October. We are also having an international class Bicycle touring race in Kansas City this September.

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