Saturday, June 6, 2009

Photo Adventure - Lake Shawnee

Debbie and I had an adventure day today. We traveled from KC to Topeka, KS to visit Lake Shawnee. My reason for visiting is that I will be shooting wedding pictures there for a friend on July 5th. So I wanted to see the "lay of the land" and get a feel for the light.

Our friend Cat has picked a beautiful location. The service will be here in the gazebo. Another event was setting up while we were there. There were at least three in the area.

The picture of the gazebo is taken at about the same time as the service in July. If it is typical Kansas weather it will be a bright day, like today. I will have to deal with some deep shadows and high dynamic range.

Debbie was my practice model. I like how this photo came out. With the high dynamic range between the foreground and the background I'm going to need to use a lot of fill flash.

When I go photo adventuring, Debbie gets to go quilt shop hopping. We found two nice shops in Topeka. She found materials or books at each shop. Sometimes we go on quilt adventures: Debbie puts together a list of shops to visit, and I try to find something to shoot when we get there!

Love you Hon!

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